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You don’t have to travel far for authentic Korean and Chinese food. Find all your favorites or try new items from our quality, affordable dinner menu.

Please your palate with fresh Korean cuisine

All served with steamed rice

1. Jja Jang Myun  
2. Job-Chae Bob  
3. Ya-ki Man-Doo  
4. Steamed Man-Doo  
5. Jjam Bbong  
6. U-Dong  
7. Kim-Bob  
8. Pah-Jun  
9. Soh Galbi  
10. Beef Bulgogi  
11. Chicken Bulgogi  
12. Pork Bulgogi  
13. Sam Gyeob Sal (2 order min)  
14. Dung Sim Gui (2 order min)  
15. Jap Tang Jungol (2 order min)  
16. Bibim Naeng-myun  

Cold noodles mixed with beef and hot seasonings

17. Yook Gae Jang  

Hot and spicy soup with sliced beef

18. Man-Doo Gook  
19. Thuk Gook  

Rice cake soup

20. Thuk Man-Doo Gook  

Rice cake and dumpling soup

21. B-Bim Bob  

Rice mixed with vegetable and meat

22. Kimchi Chigae  
23. DoenJang Chigae  
24. Dooboo Chigae  
25. Job-Chae  
26. Nak-ji Bok-Um  
27. O-Jing-O Bok-Um  


Grilled Fish  
28. Mackerel Pike  
29. Roasted Fish  
30. E-myun Su Gu-I  
31. Jogi Gu-I  
32. Squid  


Enticing entrees you won’t forget

All served with steamed rice

1. Mongolian Beef  

Sliced tender beef sautéed with green onions

2. Pepper Steak  

Suteed beef slices with green peppers

3. Black Mushrooms with Beef  
4. Beef with Broccoli  

Tender beef with broccoli

5. Korean Restaurant Special  

E-myun su Gu-I and beef ribs



1. Sweet and Sour Pork  

Fried tenderloin of pork in sweet & sour sauce



1. Sweet and Sour Chicken  

Diced chicken fried in thin batter with sweet and sour sauce

2. Chicken Broccoli  

Chicken tenderloins with broccoli



Fried Rice  
1. House Special Fried Rice  
2. Chicken Fried Rice  
3. Beef Fried Rice  
4. Pork Fried Rice  
5. Shrimp Fried Rice  


1. Fried Shrimp (6 pcs)  
2. Fried Vegetables  
3. Ya-li Man-Doo  
4. Kim-Bob  
5. Seafood Pah-Jun  
6. Job-Chae  


Chinese Style Soups  
1. Hot & Sour Soup  

Bamboo shoot and egg flower in a full-bodied broth with black pepper

2. Egg Drop Soup  


Cold Drink  
Iced Tea  
Hot Tea  


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